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Inclusive Access

Bringing Course Content into the 21st Century

CSU Bookstore is one of the pioneers of Inclusive Access programs that have been emulated at college bookstores across the nation. Inclusive Access converts physical course materials into instantly accessible, interactive, and adaptive digital content, while reducing the cost to students. In short, this model improves access and affordability to course materials for the 21st century.

Inclusive Access is a method of providing access to course materials when instructors are using interactive courseware platforms or e-books in place of printed text. The program allows our campus to reduce student course materials costs in comparison to traditional print text, and ensures that every student has easy access to the content by the first day of class. We have upgraded our course materials model to combine affordability and ease of access with 21st century educational tools. In Fall 2021, students saved over $2 million compared to paying for printed materials with an access code included!

Main Goals of Inclusive Access

Laptop Computer

Reduce the overall cost of course materials. 

Paper with A+ Grade

Provide access to products which improve educational outcomes for students.

Calendar Date

Day One access to necessary materials.

A Simple Process

  • When an instructor decides to include use of interactive course material platforms in their curriculum, CSU Bookstore negotiates discount pricing with publishers.
  • Students enrolled in the class do not need to buy an access code or textbook. Access to materials is provided automatically for every student in the roster on the first day of class, including wait-listed students.
  • Students can access the content until the initial add/drop date with no initial payment, during which time they can opt out of the Inclusive Access program.
  • Students who drop the course are automatically opted out and are not billed.
Students Who Opt In to Inclusive Access
Students who opt-in to the Inclusive Access do not need to do anything. The applicable charges are applied to the student account, and students have uninterrupted access to materials. Student accounts are charged shortly after the official add/drop date. 
Students Who Opt Out of Inclusive Access
Students who opt out before the deadline will not be charged for access to the materials. As the materials required are listed as REQUIRED by the instructor, students are responsible for paying for the necessary access on their own, or students can opt back into the Inclusive Access program. Access to materials will be turned off after the trial period. Students who opt-out of inclusive access may have no way to complete assignments.

How Do I Know My Course is Using Inclusive Access?

Instructors will provide information on the course syllabus about required Inclusive Access materials. Additionally, students will receive an email in their official university email account with instructions on how to access materials and how to Opt Out of the Inclusive Access program.

The illustrations below show how to tell if your course is using Inclusive Access


Inclusive Access materials will have ORANGE shelf tags which read "SEE EMAIL FOR INCLUSIVE"


Online listings will read "SEE EMAIL F/INCLUSIVE" or will provide a book listing/ISBN. You will not be allowed to be place the item in your cart. 

How to Manage Your Inclusive Access Resources 

Managing your access to your Inclusive Access materials is easy to do through Canvas. To begin, sign into Canvas by going to

After signing into Canvas, you will click on any of your courses in the Dashboard. 

Example of the Dashboard on Canvas

In the course menu listing, you will see a link that reads "Manage eResources."

Example of the Menu on Canvas

Any courses that are using Inclusive Access will be listed on this page with details about the title. Items with an access code you need to enter on a separate website will present an option to reveal the access code.

Example of Inclusive Access option with no access code

This illustration shows an Inclusive Access title that has an access code you will need to reveal.

Example of Inclusive Access option with no access code

If your course does not have any Inclusive Access content, you will see a message similar to the illustration below. You will still want to check the Course Materials listings located at to verify Course Materials requirements for your courses.

Example of a course without Inclusive Access

If you wish to opt-out of the title, click on the button marked "Opt Out." A box will open up asking you confirm your choice and provide a reason for opting out.

Example of Inclusive Access opt-out confirmation

You must complete the opt-out process before that term's add/drop date. Students who opt-out should be aware that not having access could negatively affect your grade. Students who opt-out can opt-in again anytime before the add/drop date.

Benefits to Students

  • Lower pricing than equivalent printed textbooks.
  • Deferred student billing direct to student account.
  • Course materials available on the first day of class.
  • Increased interaction with course content leading to greater success in the course.
  • No materials to refund if the class is dropped. 

Advantages of Inclusive Access

  • CSU Bookstore makes one purchase with the publisher, allowing us to achieve lower prices, passing these savings onto the students.
  • As a result of lower overall production and logistics costs, digital course content is less expensive than their printed textbook counterpart.
  • Inclusive Access materials are available on the first day of class.
  • Materials can be updated easily, guaranteeing every student access to the latest academic content.
  • No shipping of physical books is necessary - lowering your carbon footprint! No books to ship also reduces the cost of your course materials. 
  • Deferred payment allows students to use financial aid instead of credit cards or funds earmarked for other expenses.

Who to Contact with Questions

If you have any questions or concerns about the CSU Bookstore Inclusive access program, you can contact us using the following methods: 

Phone: (970) 491-5461
Email: [email protected]

Important Inclusive Access Dates - Spring 2022

January 18, 2022 Inclusive Access Titles Available on Canvas
February 2, 2022 Last Day to Opt-Out of Inclusive Access
February 7, 2022 Inclusive Access charges begin appearing on student accounts.

Inclusive Access Resources

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