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Cover Image For Animals Make Us Human by Temple Grandin

Animals Make Us Human by Temple Grandin

WHAT DOES AN ANIMAL NEED to have a good life? nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp; I don''t mean a good life physically. We know a lot about what kind of food, water, exercise, and veterinary care animals need to grow well and be healthy. nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp; I mean a good mental life. nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp; What does an animal need to be happy? The animal welfare movement has been thinking about animals'' mental welfare at least since the 1960s. That''s when the British government commissioned the Brambell Report on intensive animal production. Intensive animal production means very big farms raising large numbers of animals for slaughter or egg production in very small spaces compared to traditional farms. The Brambell committee listed the five freedoms animals should have. The first three freedoms are about physical welfare, and the last two are about mental welfare: nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp; * freedom from hunger and thirst nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp; * freedom from discomfort nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp; * freedom from pain, injury, or disease nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp; * freedom to express normal behavior nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp; * freedom from fear and distress 1 What Do Animals Need? Freedom is a confusing guide for people trying to give animals a good life. Even freedom from fear, which sounds straightforward, isn''t simple or obvious. For example, zookeepers and farmers usually assume that as long as a prey species animal doesn''t have any predators around, it can''t be afraid. But that''s not the way fear works inside the brain. If you felt fear only when you are face-to-face with the animal that''s going to kill you and eat you, that would be too late. Prey species animals feel afraid when they''re out in the open and exposed to potential predators. 

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