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CSU Bookstore Buyback

    Spring 2017 Buyback Locations and Hours--May 5-15

  • CSU Bookstore (In the LSC)

Friday, May 5th: 7:30am-5:30pm                    

Saturday, May 6th: 10am-2pm

Mon-Fri: May 8th-12th: 7:45am-5:30pm

Saturday, May 13th: 9am-2pm

Monday, May 15th: 7:45am-5:30pm


Moby Parking Lot (Drive Thru) 

Monday, May 8th: 1pm-5pm

Tues-Thurs, May 9th-11th: 8am-5pm

Outside Clark Building (west side)

Friday, May 5th: 8am-4:30pm

Mon-Thurs, May 8th-11th: 8am-4:30pm

Friday, May 12th: 8am-12:30pm


Durrell Center

Mon-Fri: May 8th-12th: 9am-5pm

Academic Village Commons

Mon-Thurs, May 8th-11th: 10am-6pm

Friday, May 12th: 10am-4pm

Textbook Rental Return: It's is as simple as 1-2-3:

1. Gather up ALL your textbooks

2. Bring them to one of our five locations during Buyback

3. RETURN your CSU rented books, SELL back the others!

Spring Rentals are due back on Friday, December 16, 2016 and can be returned to ANY of the Buy Back locations!

Picture ID required.

What is Textbook Buyback?

Textbook buyback is a Bookstore-sponsored event that takes place at the end of the semester in order to recycle titles that will be used in the future. Buyback is a triple-win situation where current students get cash for selling their books back, the Bookstore gets in-demand used titles to put on their shelves, and future students are offered used copies at lower prices next semester. Buying and selling used books benefits everyone involved by cutting costs and reducing the environmental strain of additional textbook printing.

Factors that may determine which books are being bought back and how much cash you'll receive for them are: 

• Whether or not the book is being used next semester 
• The condition of the book
• Whether or not there is a new edition of the book
• Course enrollment numbers for next term
• Whether or not the book has all of its pieces (CDs, etc.) – Missing items may mean less money
• CSU Bookstore buys back loose leaf (3hole punched) textbooks, if the book is being used for the next semester, and in a 3 ring binder

*As always, prices are subject to change as we complete buying the number of books needed for next semester. 


The CSU Bookstore is owned and operated by Colorado State University and returns all revenues to CSU for student programs and services.
CSU Bookstore
Campus Delivery 8035
Fort Collins, CO 80523-8035
Phone: 1-800-925-7267
M - F: 7:45am - 5:30pm, Sat: 10:00am - 5:00pm


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