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Textbook Adoption Website

Departmental textbook coordinators, click here to log into the textbook adoption website.

Major Publishers

  •       Cengage Learning: 800-487-5510
  •       Mac Higher (MPS): 888-330-8477
  •       McGraw-Hill: 800-338-3987
  •       W. W. Norton: 800-233-4830
  •       Pearson: 800-922-0579
  •       John Wiley & Sons: 800-225-5945

The CSU Bookstore is owned and operated by Colorado State University and returns all revenues to CSU for student programs and services.
CSU Bookstore
Campus Delivery 8035
Fort Collins, CO 80523-8035
Phone: 1-800-925-7267
M - F: 7:45am - 5:30pm, Sat: 10:00am - 5:00pm


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