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Comparison Shopping

The online textbook comparison site will be available on January 3rd, 2017! Compare CSU Bookstore textbook prices with prices from online retailers such as Amazon and!

To get started, click here.

You can order your Spring 2017 semester textbooks directly from the CSU Bookstore here.

Dare to Compare Textbooks

For months, CSU Bookstore staff have undertaken the task of making more than a half million dollars in price reductions to ensure that Colorado State students get the best value for their textbook purchases. Now we’re taking it even further. We dare you to compare our newly-reduced prices with other top online retailers.

How it works

Using a state-of-the-art software system, students visit the CSU Bookstore website and select the classes in which they are enrolled. The comparison tool displays the books required for each class. After choosing a book to purchase, the system searches the World Wide Web to find all vendors offering the same book and shows the condition, price, and availability of each. In an easy-to-use web layout, buyers can view Colorado State Bookstore prices, along with well-known discounters, like,, and many others. What's more, after making purchase selections, shoppers can check out and purchase all their textbooks in one shopping cart, even if they buy from multiple sources. Gone are the days of scouring the internet for the best deals--the Bookstore’s revolutionary comparison system conveniently allows students to make intelligent decisions as to where their money and their time are best spent.

The CSU Bookstore is owned and operated by Colorado State University and returns all revenues to CSU for student programs and services.
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